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(b. 1939)

Vladimir Strelnikov

Strelnikov's art finds its inspiration in the landscape and environment of the Black Sea.

He seems fascinated by the ancient civilisations which lived there making formal links with the ancient Slavic icons, as well as the "stone women" found in the steppes near the Black Sea.

Strelnikov is widely represented in museums and in private collections and has exhibited internationally. Strelnikov is one of the most important of the "Odessa Group".

Private unofficial exhibitions in the USSR. From 1979 in Munich (Ukrainian Free University);

One Man Exhibitions:

1981 - Goethe Institute
1982 - Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation (Toronto)
1983 - Cologne (Rydman)
1984 - Margelik Gallery
1986 - Atelier Ana
1988 - Ulm
1989 - Wuppertal

I'm amongst those artists about whom in the West they say: the one who walks alone. One can surprise oneself, one can surprise others, but I am a slave, chained to a galley - I ought to create my own. (Strelnikov)

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Artwork name: Walk Together

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Indian Ink, Watercolour on Paper
29cm x 39cm
(11 1/4"x15 1/4")

Price: SOLD